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Your Advocate and Your Motivator

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About Me

Of course, you naturally want to know who will be the one who is going to advocate and challenge you on your amazing life-changing journey. You really do need to make sure your life will be in safe hands and getting the right coach match is key.

The coach/client relationship is one built on mutual trust, and for you to feel truly understood, supported, excited and comfortable you must feel secure with the right coach.

It’s important that you shop around to find a coach that seems compatible with what you wish to achieve and who understands you and your goals.


One day your life will flash before your eyes.Make sure it is worth watching.

- Gerad Way


Why Choose Me

  • Been a professional coach with my own practice for years.

  • There’s nothing I haven’t heard or been able to sort, coach, inspire and motivate my clients out of and to their dreams.

  • I have coached scores of people and had amazing results.

  • Possesses ninja coaching tools with powerful life-changing qualities.

  • Intuitive, compassionate, passionate, precise, fun and funny, straight-forward I quickly get to the issue and create clarity, upscale dreams, remove rackets and excuses and gets results with and for you.

Life Coaching Services


Life Coaching Services


Make An Investment To Transform Your Life. You've Bought Enough Packages, Now Is The Time To Buy A Solution.


You need motivation, guidance, inspiration, and companionship. These and lots more, are what you get from the biggest investment you can make to transform your life; Coaching.



What You Get

  • Unwavering support, and absolute belief in your ability to transform from who you are now to whom you want to be.

  • A super listening ear with zero agenda.

  • Unlimited access to the coach via email.

  • Different coaching sessions with clear purposes to renew your energy, and keep you focused.

  • Practical tools and results-driven homework to achieve your goals.


My Books

Broken Branches


Beyond the physical assault, abused survivors combat silent psychological battles that must be overcome. Abuse survivors need all the support we can get in the world to feel loved again. We need that love, belief, and an enabling environment for growth to achieve our dreams that were almost shattered.


This book is filled with life experiences that do not only affirm the reality of your experiences even when everyone else doubts you but also provides well detailed, and proven solutions that can help any abuse survivor move from just surviving to regain their confidence, living their dream life, and become the hero/heroine they've always dreamt of becoming.


The experiences in this book are factual and not virtual. They are my experience as an abuse survivor that has fully recovered from domestic abuse, rape, drug, prostitution, alcoholism, and shame.


Having reached full recovery, I have decided to help other abuse survivors become like me by writing a detailed, well laid-down book that teaches how they can also achieve this. If it worked for me and several others that have shared their testimony since they got this book, without a doubt it surely can work for you.


If your goal is to overcome the current challenge you're facing on your path to full recovery, then this book is the best choice you can make. It is worth every penny.


My name is Keisha Green, and I am a sexual abuse, domestic abuse, drug abuse, survivor.


Whenever you need
I am here for you

 I know how life can be challenging and hard. And that there’s no answer always to all the issues you may face. I am here to help you

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